Faces of Bravery

Faces of Bravery is dedicated to the thousands of children that have been saved by the Nork Marash Medical Center in Yerevan, Armenia. Their bravery of facing life-threatening surgery at such a youthful age is truly remarkable. It is the intention of the performers that the sales of this recording will help provide the financial assistance to this medical institution in order to continue to save the lives of innocent children. The passion of playing the different ethnic instruments combined with the great sense of pride in playing this music has made such recordings simple and pleasurable. The music performed on this recording will include traditional Armenian folk songs that were composed both the Western and Eastern Armenian tradition. The songs represent the joy and sadness of the Armenian people.

Several songs will be recognizable to the Armenians living throughout the Diaspora. The instruments used include kanun, oud, cümbüs, keyboard and guitar along with several types of ethnic percussion. All songs are instrumental allowing of the musicians their own interpretation of the music.
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